Sunday, August 20, 2006

Why refer to it as "a quit"?

People who quit smoking always seem to refer to it as "a quit". This quit is so many days, my last quit went wrong etc. etc.

What annoys me about this approach is that if you qut smoking refering to the quit as "a quit", you are intentionally deciding this is going to fail. It is why so many people fail to quit smoking.

You should never refer to this as a quit or this quit or that quit... it is the one and only quit of your life. If you don't intend on quitting smoking for good, you may as well continue smoking!

When I quit smoking I knew I had done it for ever - it never enters my thoughts that I would ever do it again. If you quit smoking expecting it to be an attempt, that is exactly what it will be - just an attempt, doomed to failure!

Quit smoking and KNOW that you have quit for good!