Thursday, July 05, 2007

10 Free Quit Smoking Aids

We are of course all aware of the well known (and often expensive) quit smoking solutions such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or zyban or chantix/champix. However, no two smokers are alike and what works for some may not work for others. I have been researching again and found some pretty outlandish solutions. Here are a few examples of some of the free methods you can use to help you quit smoking.

Free Quit Smoking Aids #1: Visualisation

This sounds simplistic, I know, but write out what the last year of your life would be like if you kept smoking. Go into gruesome detail about oxygen tanks, voice boxes, what would happen to family and finally see yourself in the hospice. If you know someone who has, put yourself in the situation of someone you know who died of lung cancer, and just change 'him or her' to 'me.

Free Quit Smoking Aids #2: Water

This is one of the simplest, if somewhat more tedious methods there is. Put quit simply, drink as much water as you can at every craving. Keep it up for about three weeks and see how you get on.

Free Quit Smoking Aids #3: Cleaning

If your are tired of smoking, why not clean the whole habit out of your life in one fell swoop! Start by clearing all your cigarette paraphernalia out of the house, then do a top to bottom spring clean. Make sure you clean the walls too because they will be covered in tar and nicotine residue. Move onto your clothes – wash all of them in as short a time as you can. Consider doing your curtains too because they will hold the smell of tobacco too.

Free Quit Smoking Aids #4: Chewing Gum

Every time you want a cigarette, chew gum like crazy. Make sure you use a sugar free gum or you'll be rotting your teeth to bits. It helps keep your teeth clean and breath nice and fresh too (for a change)!

Free Quit Smoking Aids #5: Breathing

Rather than going for a smoke, take a drinking straw and just go through the motions. Suck, inhale, breath out and concentrate on the action, rather than the cigarette.

Free Quit Smoking Aids #6: Money Jar

Whatever method you choose to help you quit smoking, keep your motivation by putting the equivalent amount you would spend into a money jar. It will buy you a really nice holiday in 6 months or a really, really nice holiday in 12 months.

Free Quit Smoking Aid #7: Get Sick

Get sick! Of course, this sounds ridiculous. What I mean is, wait until you get that first winter cold. Most smokers don't feel much like smoking when they have a bad cold, the flu, or are laid up in bed. You also don't think about it or feel the urge very much because you aren't doing the things that you associate with smoking. So, the next time you get a cold, don't smoke and see if you can keep it up once you feel better!

Free Quit Smoking Aid #8: Have a kiss instead

Every time you want to have a cigarette, have a kiss instead. You either have to have willing partner or you could use it to (a) meet a new partner or (b) get locked up if you go about it the wrong way.

Free Quit Smoking Aid #9: Gross yourself out

Go on the internet and find out all the evil things cigarettes do to you. See if you can find videos and/or get pictures of non-smokers v. smoker's lungs. Study them and get yourself properly grossed out. Make them into a little wallet pack and every time you get an urge to smoke, have a look and see if it works.

Free Quit Smoking Aid #10: The best for last!

Your weren't born a smoker so just don't start - priceless!

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