Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How can I quit smoking?

"How can I quit smoking?" is one of the most important questions for any smoker. In the back of every smokers mind, most days is a question about how they can go without their lovely, tasty smokes! Anyone who actually knows the answer to this question and can add, without any effort to it, will be rich beyond belief.

In our modern lifestyles, we all want a magic pill that will stop us smoking, improve our bedroom performance and keep us a slim as a racing snake for our entire lives. We want this and we don't want to have to do anything about it either.

But there is the rub.

There is always a little bit or a lot of effort involved in achieving anything of significance. So in answer to the question "how can I quit smoking?" the first response I would give is you will have to use some effort.

Making an effort to quit smoking is different from it being hard to stop smoking. Personally, I do not believe it is hard to stop smoking. The reason I have this outlandish opinion is because I also don't think brain surgery is difficult - for brain surgeons!

Let me expand a little. I think that quitting smoking is easy because a) I learned how to do it and b) I did it and c) so now I know how easy it was.

Brain surgery is a skill that must be learned. Unless you are actually a brain surgeon, brain surgery may seem like a very difficult thing to do. It isn't so long as a) you have studied and learned how to do it b) you have understood and practiced it and c) you successfully complete brain surgery.

OK, that may seem a bit brash so lets put it another way. Rather than saying "How can I quit smoking?", lets say "How can I do brick laying?"

To become a brick layer, you must learn about the relevant materials - your bricks, blocks and stone and then learn about the relevant mortar that you need to use depending on the building blocks. You then need to learn how to put the mortar in the right place and lay the bricks etc. etc.

The point is, you may not be able to do brick laying but given a little time, studying and effort, you could probably learn how to build a straight and vertical wall. The point is you must learn.

My view on how to quit smoking is that it is all about education. There is a desire in our hectic lifestyle to just take some magic pill to cure all of our problems, but to be honest, one doesn't exist. Sure Zyban boasts some effectiveness as does Chantix but they are far from 100% effective.

Smokers still want to smoke, irrespective of the pills you give them. Only by changing ones mindset to smoking is it possible to stop smoking with ease.

So in answer to the question, "How can I quit smoking?" My answer is to take some time and effort to learn how to quit smoking. You already know why you need to quit smoking, now it is time to actually learn how to quit smoking.

As ever, however many times you have tried and however many methods you have used, never stop trying to quit smoking.

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