Thursday, July 05, 2007

Quit Smoking Programs

There are many different quit smoking programs available to day. In this article we shall look at some of them and their relative effectiveness.

The most obvious quit smoking program is to use the old cold turkey method. This involves simply depriving yourself of cigarettes or tobacco. It has the very lowest success rate of all quit smoking programs at around 5% after 6 months.

Another well known quit smoking program is the use of nicotine replacement therapy or NRT. Nicotine replacement therapy products vary from transdermal patchs that infuse nicotine across the skin, to gums, inhalers and nasal sprays.

The gums, lozenges, spray and inhalation systems all leave a pretty nasty taste in the back of the throat and the patches do little to help immediate cravings. Only about 1 in 10 people who try manage to stay smoke free after 6 months of using one of these quit smoking programs.

Zyban or Wellbutin is another well know quit smoking program. It is thought to double your chances when taken alone, up to 10%. When used in conjunction with NRT, this quit smoking program can win over up to 20% of quitters after 6 months. As programs go, combined zyban and NRT is an effective quit smoking program.

Recently, a product called Varenicline and known as Chantix or Champix has been approved for the market. This is considered to be a 'magic pill' solution to smoking and its manufacturers boast up to 44% success after 6 months. Independent studies, however, have been unable to reach such heady success and success rates are considered to be in the high 20% region after 6 months. Again, this is a relatively effective quit smoking program.

Finally, there are a number of other highly effective quit smoking programs available over the internet. They are not 'magic pills' as they require time and effort from smokers to address their desire to quit smoking.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are all recognised alternative methods for quitting smoking. These quit smoking programs claim very high success rates and the British Medical Association has published success rates in excess of 70% for some of these methods.

When you are looking to quit smoking once and for all, it may not be the accepted and well known methods that will work for you, so it always worth looking at the alternatives.

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