Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How to stop smoking without weight gain

There is substantial evidence underlining weight gain as the main concern smokers cite as a reason for not stopping smoking. This is amongst the many other excuses smokers give for putting off stopping smoking. Other examples include the inability to cope with stress or a fear that they will not be able to enjoy an upcoming party or their life in general without their trusty cigarettes.

Smoking is an addiction to nicotine but most smokers, and non-smokers for that matter, wrongly think of it as a habit. This is not the case. The urge to smoke is so overwhelming; it simply cannot just be a habit.

The suffering that smokers must go through in order to be able to smoke, is evidence as to why smoking is not a habit, but is an addiction. Smokers cannot inhale any other form of smoke, other than tobacco smoke, without coughing and spluttering or even being sick.

Once smokers come to realise the addiction to nicotine is the reason they smoke, it becomes easier to learn how to stop smoking without weight gain.

Smokers think they enjoy smoking as much, if not more, than eating. However, there is a very subtle difference between smoking and eating and understanding this is the key to learning how to stop smoking without weight gain. Read this two statements:

"When you are hungry, your body tells you so by giving you hunger pangs. You eat and you are rewarded with the discomfort subsiding."

"When you want a cigarette, your body tells you by giving you a craving. You smoke and you are rewarded with the discomfort subsiding."

When you read these two statements as a smoker, you are probably in full agreement with them. But, the second one is wrong and that is the secret of how to stop smoking without weight gain.

What you think is that you 'want a cigarette' when in actual fact, you want some nicotine. It is simply that over the years, you have wanted nicotine, had a cigarette to get it and then been rewarded with the discomfort of the craving subsiding. What has happened is that you have subconsciously replaced the connection of getting nicotine and the craving dying and having a cigarette and the craving dying.

In your mind, you see the cigarette as the thing you desire when in actual fact it is the nicotine. The cigarette is simply the delivery system. This is why pharmaceutical companies (wrongly) think nicotine patches and gum can help smokers quit.

So how does knowing this help you learn how to stop smoking without weight gain? Well, the point is that when you stop smoking, you will find that the craving for a cigarette (well nicotine) is very similar to the craving for food. It is a hollow empty feeling. Whilst you struggle with your willpower to overcome the urge to smoke, you will try and subdue the craving for nicotine with something that 'might work' - eating.

Smokers often turn to food to settle the craving for nicotine. This is where you end up gaining weight because you are wrongly trying to settle your hunger for nicotine by doing what seems right when you hunger for food. Your calorie intake goes through the roof and you pile on the pounds!

When you recognise that your apparent increased appetite is just you mixing up cravings for food with cravings for nicotine, it becomes easier for you to control your response – i.e. whether you chose to eat or not. Once you have mastered this understanding, you are on the right track of how to stop smoking without weight gain.

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