Friday, July 06, 2007

Quit smoking without weight gain

One of the greatest concerns smokers cite about quitting is the fear of gaining weight. As such understanding how to quit smoking without weight gain is an important message to understand for any would be quitter. Luckily, there are several ways you improve your chances to quit smoking without weight gain.

Quit smoking without weight gain tip #1: Is it a craving?
Separate the feeling of hunger from a craving for a cigarette. The increased appetite associated with quitting smoking is often actually a craving for a cigarette. When you get a craving to eat, think very consciously about that feeling and make sure it is not the craving for a cigarette. You should have already come up with several strategies for dealing with cravings in order to get you through your quit attempt.

Quit smoking without weight gain tip #2: Stick to your normal meal routine
Quitting smoking can be a little hectic on the mind as your emotions are shredded with cravings and a desire to smoke. It’s as if the only thing you can think about is a cigarette. A common result of this is that smokers turn to food as both a comforter and as a substitute. The end result is that biscuits, chocolates and other sugary or salty or fatty snack foods fill your day. Be strong and keep to the 3 square meals with a small snack between each meal of a piece of fruit.

Quit smoking without weight gain tip #3: Keep busy
Keeping busy is an excellent way to help take your mind off quitting smoking. To keep your mouth busy, drink water frequently or chew gum (not nicotine replacement gum though!). Drinking water will mean you will need the bathroom more often but it will help ‘cleanse your system’.

You should also try to keep your hands occupied as not smoking, particularly at social occasions where you normally would, can be difficult. Keep a pen or pencil to hand, or have some ‘worry beads’ or a coin to thumb. Another alternative is a wrist expander or stress ball. When time permits, do crossword puzzles to keep you mind occupied with something other than smoking.

Quit smoking without weight gain tip #4: Confidence statements
The pressure of quitting smoking can be very difficult and this explains why so many fail to quit smoking so many times. A useful method for helping you with your quit and taking your mind of cigarettes and food is to write as many positive statements concerning why you want to quit smoking as you can. Keep your list with you at all times and keep copies where you will see them regularly like on the fridge or at your workplace. Examples of statements you could use include:

  • I have stopped smoking for good, not started eating instead
  • I quit smoking for all the right reasons and eating wasn't one of them
  • I promised myself I would never smoke again – I didn't agree to eat instead
  • I am not going to die young for cigarettes or get fat either
  • I am in control of my cravings, not the other way round
  • I swat cravings like I can swat flies and I only eat when I am hungry
  • My life is too important to smoke or get fat
  • I love myself too much to quit my quit
  • Only losers quit and I'm no loser
  • Quitting is for winners, smoking is for losers

Quit smoking without weight gain tip #5: Exercise
Finally, exercise is an obvious way to quit smoking without weight gain after you quit. It goes without saying that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle so rather than taking the elevator, take the stairs. Do some gardening; take up swimming or jogging or the gym. Use the money you save from smoking to pay for your gym membership.

Exercising gives you the opportunity to take your mind off your cravings and from food. It rewards you with greater energy levels and better sleep. You will improve confidence and commitment by continuing to keep a plan going that includes quitting and exercise.

Another health benefit of more exercise is that it will also improve blood flow and help towards de-clogging arteries. Just remember to start off easy and then build up but always stay safe. If you have not exercised for a long time, it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor before starting on a program of exercise.

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